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CicloWerks Service

CicloWerks Tune-up $82.50 + Parts​

Adjustment of the brakes, derailleurs.

Check hubs, headset, bottom bracket and lube the chain.

Minor truing of wheels.

Safety check of all bolts for tightness (and torque for carbon parts)

CicloWerks Intermediate Service $190 + Parts

The basic tune-up with the following additions:

Drivetrain parts (chain, derailleirs, crank, and cogs) are taken off the bike and cleaned in a solvent tank.

Wheels are fully trued laterally and radially.

CicloWerks Premium Overhaul $325 + Parts

Your bike is stripped to the bare frame and everything is cleaned, reinstalled, lubed, and adjusted.

New cables and cable housing are installed. Basic black or white bar tape is provided (add $30 to upgrade to SuperCaz).

Clincher Flat Tire Repair

$10 + cost of tube

Tubular Wheel Preparation And Installation $80.00

Service includes the removal of old tire and glue, new tire preparation and installation

Includes 2-3 layers of glue (depending on manufactures specifications)

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