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Shimano XTR M975 Dual Control Levers (Hydraulic)

Shimano XTR M975 Dual Control Levers (Hydraulic)

SKU: 689228107656
C$899.99 Regular Price
C$539.99Sale Price

Shimano's XTR Dual Control Levers integrate the shifting and braking into each lever. You still squeeze to brake. To shift you use your fingers and push down or lift up the levers. This makes it super easy to shift, plus you can even shift and brake simultaneously. Internally, the shifting is executed by the tried-and-true precision indexing systems Shimano is famous for. There are secondary small thumb levers that you'll probably remove once you get used to Dual Control shifting, resulting in a super-clean set-up. Plus, whether you have big or small hands, you can adjust the lever reach to your preferences.
Weight: 442 grams

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