Shimano XTR M972 Top Normal Carbon Cage

Shimano XTR M972 Top Normal Carbon Cage

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XTR M972 Shadow Rear Derailleur, Top Normal (Carbon Long Cage)

Shimano sets a new standard for rear derailleurs with its XTR Shadow Rear Derailleur. It's made of super-light cold forged-aluminum and carbon, has a strong spring to keep the body stable even when you're blasting through rough sections and delivers precision shifts every time. Plus, this trick derailleur is super low profile and barely protrudes past the quick-release nut. It also features direct cable routing. These features mean there's much less risk of striking and damaging the derailleur or snagging the cable on roots and rocks, either. And, Shimano's 11-tooth pulleys alternate link contact, reducing wear and smoothing pedaling, too.

Chain-wrap capacity: up to 43 teeth.

Largest cog this derailleur can handle: 34 tooth

Weight: 197 grams

Top Normal means that the derailleur spring assists shifts to the smaller cassette cogs, which is the way most rear derailleurs work.