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PINARELLO GAN 105 (2016)

PINARELLO GAN 105 (2016)

C$4,995.00 Regular Price
C$4,000.00Sale Price

The Pinarello GAN 105 Bike takes advantage of Pinarello looking at their best stuff and figuring out a way to economize. The result gives you a high-performing ride that has drafted off the high-spenders so you can rocket up the road. (pictured components differ from actual - R7000)

The frameset comes out of the same mold as the GAN RS and GAN S. So you get the same aero shaping, the same geometry, the same position, and largely the same ride. The difference is in the material mix. The carbon layup features T600 cloth, which isn’t as light or stiff as the higher-priced stuff. So Pinarello employs more of it, so that the resulting frame as most of the same ride qualities, just at a lower cost. 

And the frame itself learned its tricks from the flagship F8. Pinarello sculpted the frame tubes to separate the wind with minimal turbulence. You can see it in the extended head tube, the way the fork crown nestles in a notch in the downtube, the aero fork legs, the FlatBack down and seat tubes and the shorter, lower seat stays. The shaping also owes to the need to make the bike stiff and comfortable. A problem with traditional airfoil tube shaping is that they make a bike vertically stiff and laterally compliant, the reverse of what people need. By shortening the profile of the down and seat tubes, they still have vertical give. And by cutting the tubes off at their wide point, there is still plenty of lateral stiffness to fight pedal forces. And this is before we get into Pinarello’s traditional asymmetric tube designs, where they have already built in resisting pedaling forces.

The component spec features NEW Shimano 105 7000 shifting. The shifters and derailleurs look like Dura-Ace because they share designs. Less bling, a bit more weight, dramatically-reduced cost, and, best of all, almost identical action. They feel good in the hand and shift really fast. The levers preside over the 50/34 chainrings and 11-28 eleven-speed cassette. It’s a big high gear and a low small gear, and there are twenty steps in between.

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